First Post

In 1902, Theodor Herzl published Altneuland, or “The Old New Land” in English. The book was a utopian novel imagining a Jewish state:

The novel tells the story of Friedrich Löwenberg, a young Jewish Viennese intellectual, who, tired with European decadence, joins an Americanized Prussian aristocrat named Kingscourt as they retire to a remote Pacific island […] in 1902. Stopping in Jaffa on their way to the Pacific, they find Palestine a backward, destitute and sparsely populated land, as it appeared to Herzl on his visit in 1898.

Löwenberg and Kingscourt spend the following twenty years on the island, cut off from civilization. As they stop over in Palestine on their way back to Europe in 1923, they are astonished to discover a land drastically transformed. A Jewish state officially named the “New Society” has since risen as European Jews have rediscovered and re-inhabited their Altneuland, reclaiming their own destiny in the Land of Israel.

While essentially an ethnostate, Herzl’s Altneuland was, per Wikipedia, a technologically advanced, cosmopolitan society where Arabs enjoy full rights and its Jewish inhabitants generally followed European cultural customs.

Of course by mid-century, a Jewish homeland had been realized. Naturally, the ethnic and religious harmony Herzl fantasized about never came to be, but so what? The point of literature like Altneuland isn’t to accurately prognosticate the future. Rather, it is to popularize certain myths and beliefs—the predicates of any meaningful societal change.

Whatever else, the book certainly nailed the myth and belief part. And behold—Jews today have a country that serves their collective interests, protects them. Loves them.

Would that we all did.

Toward a New Old Land

For millions of us in the West today, our counties do not serve our interests. I would go so far to say that in most cases, they hate us. How else to explain a system that imports millions in violation of the written laws? That taxes money we could have spent on our own children, and uses it to support and buy the votes of our replacements?

Hence this blog and its imagined “New Alt Land”. “New” in the sense of being forward looking, and of having broken away from the unworthy, corrupt regime currently in place. “Alt” both in the sense of being an alternative to the self-inflicted decline we presently suffer in the West, and in the German translation of that world meaning “old”. “Old” here is an acknowledgement of our ancestors, and traditions—evolved behaviors and social arrangements based on understood truths about the human condition. Living in accordance with such conditions, a society would celebrate strength, beauty, excellence, and community, instead of the opposite of those things as we currently do.

The “alt” part also works as being AltRight, which rejects White self-hatred. It rejects that the only shared identity one can have must revolve around things that can be bought at a mall. It rejects that we have to live like this—which in Current Year America is as utopian a belief as one can have.

Exploring Myths and Beliefs

It took mainstream conservatives decades to figure out that culture is upstream of politics. That’s true, but it doesn’t go far enough. Because upstream of culture is the mind. The mind runs on myth and belief, the fire that gives it will sufficient to compel action in the real world, and to give those actions focus.

So here we’ll play around with ideas relating to myth and belief. In a way, I see this as reverse engineering problem: What would be necessary for us to believe in order to achieve a society worth raising our children in?

How would we have to see the world? See ourselves? What would its religion(s?) have to look like? What traditions would we have and why? What stories would we have to tell ourselves? What stories would we tell our children?



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